Micro-cement furniture is a novel decorative line created exclusively by Eusebio Bellón. After receiving a warm welcome from private customers -– as it perfectly fits any style, thanks to its versatility – micro-cement furniture takes a further step and plunge into the hospitality or contract sectors. Those designs were chosen by the prestigious firm Raquel Chamorro to decorate the “Barman Club” space in the VII Culinary Salon “Millesime”, celebrated in October 2014 in Madrid.

Raquel Chamorro interior-design studio selected Eusebio Bellón – among other collaborators – to give life to its personal interpretation of the “Barman Club” cocktail area, which turned to be the most relevant space in the 2014 edition of the “Salón Millesime” held from the 7th to the10th of October in the Pabellón Satélite of the Casa de Campo in Madrid. This grand international event was the setting to present the latest trends in gastronomy and design, perfectly integrated under the “Caleidoscopic” theme.

Eusebio Bellón created a set of original and exclusive furniture for this occasion. High micro-cement tables with original designs in ‘X’ and ‘Z’ shapes played a leading role –being used as small bars – and they became the favorite meeting point for visitors. Further to this, other side tables in ‘pop-art’ style were also conceived. They were place in two areas surrounded by sofas and they created the perfect atmosphere to relax. In one of the areas, the designed table was made using the ancient technique of inlayed; while on the opposite side stood out a unique piece made of micro-cement with a collage of images of the beauty icon Marilyn Monroe. Lastly, music had also a significant presence within this pop culture atmosphere by adding some tables that represented old vinyl records.

The new designs by Eusebio Bellón were the result of intensive research on new materials and a continuous search for innovation. All this, together with a re-utilization of objects fallen into disuse, gave rise to an eclecticism that molds the character and personality of all the pieces created. Handcrafted and exclusive furniture that can be customized and adapted to the costumers’ preferences and needs. Therefore, Eusebio Bellón’s designs satisfy one of the most relevant customer needs in modern decorative furniture.

Micro-cement is a high quality cement covering made out of polymers, resins, sand and gravel and pigments, with which a smooth, uniform and esthetically very attractive finishing is obtained. Micro-cement main features are high resistance, flexibility, impermeability and ability to adhere to any surface without removing the existent material, thus saving a lot of time when work is underway. It also offers a vast variety of finishes, both in shapes and colors, and is ideal for humid or high temperatures zones.